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11 Powerful Recovery and Sobriety Memoirs to Inspire You

She made a huge impact on me and is someone I will always be grateful to. Situated in the heart of St. Lucie County, our retreat-like environment provides a tranquil setting in which our patients can heal. We offer 24 hour mental health services provided by licensed professionals in various disciplines. The hospital has varying programs that can be tailored to patient needs, as well as the traditional 28 day inpatient treatment program for patients with dual diagnosis issues. In We Are the Luckiest, author Laura McKowen emphasizes appreciating the gift of sobriety instead of lamenting the loss of casual alcohol use.

While based on her own sobriety journey, McKowen’s candidness has connected with thousands of readers thus far who have credited the book with helping them face getting sober. In college, my friends and I joked that it’s not alcoholism until you graduate. Then I told myself it was because I was a journalist working the night shift. Then I insisted the daily drinking was just part of adulthood. I recently came to terms with my own problematic relationship with alcohol, and my one solace has been in books. I’ve dug into memoir after memoir, tiptoed into the hard science books, and enjoyed the fiction from afar. The following are a smattering of the books about alcoholism I’ve found meaningful. I read this book before I became a parent and was floored, but have thought about it even more since. It is the heartbreaking and astute account of Sheff’s experience of his son, Nic’s, addiction and eventual recovery.

It also contains more useful information than any official personal training textbook I’ve read. This is an excellent starting book for anyone who’s serious about getting fit. I used to read this old book every night before bed while I was dealing with post-acute withdrawal syndrome. In addition to the supplements that rebalanced my brain and healed my body, this book gave me some timeless tactics for living in the moment and refusing to let negativity get the best of me. These alcoholics have no wish to be defined by their failed substance induced endeavors.

Alcohol Lied to Me – New Edition

Books on drug and alcohol addiction do not make you better; you have to take action and find guidance from someone other than just yourself. If you read the book of Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous and did nothing more than that, chances are you wouldn’t be any soberer than you are now; it is possible, yet highly unlikely. Knowledge may be power, but taking action is what brings change. So Sad Today,” she expands on her tweets, giving readers insight into her poetic struggles through personal essays. This volume isn’t only useful for people living with anxiety and addiction, but anyone who acknowledges that life isn’t always happiness and joy. While the focus of this inspiring book is onrecovery from alcohol addiction, it can apply to cravings of any kind. From the self-talk strategy to the experience-the-craving strategy, you’ll learn new, effective ways to combat that inner voice that says you can’t survive another minute without drugs or alcohol. Often, we hear the stories of people with addiction finding redemption once they have children—but this is not that kind of story, which is precisely why we love it. It’s about a woman who longs to belong and find comfort in her new life with her husband and baby but instead develops a gripping addiction to wine. Below are my top five most cherished books in Christian literature.

books about alcohol recovery

A frank, fresh, and empowering take on facing addiction, doing recovery, and savoring the joys of a new way of living…. Ever sworn off alcohol for January and found yourself drinking by the 7th? Listen to this audiobook and become a happy non-drinker for the rest of your life…. books about alcohol recovery The founder of the first female-focused recovery program offers a groundbreaking look at alcohol and a radical new path to sobriety…. With incredible wit and skill, Sacha Scobie manages to tell you both what alcohol used to mean for her and how her sober life is going now.

“The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober” by Catherine Gray

That’s what you will get with Leslie Jamison’s The Recovering. The story follows Carr’s unbelievable arc through addiction, recovery, cancer, and life as a single parent to come to an understanding of what those dark years meant. At the age of 15, Cat Marnell began to unknowingly «murder her life» when she became hooked on the ADHD medication prescribed to her by her psychiatrist father. Based on Fisher’s hugely successful one-woman show, Wishful Drinking is the story of growing up in Hollywood royalty, battling addiction, and dealing with manic depression. Her first memoir is an inside look at her famous parents’ marriage and her own tumultuous love affairs (including her on-again, off-again relationship with Paul Simon). Most notably, it’s a brutally honest — and hilarious — reflection on the late writer’s path to sobriety. If there is one book that has changed my life for the better, this is it. Although not a book written explicitly for addiction and recovery, the tools explained in this book can help anyone improve their general mood. She also explores new approaches to treatment, including the LEAD program in Washington State. Maia delves into brain chemistry, the physiology of addiction, and the effect of drug abuse politics on society.

Maia Szalavitz shares a new perspective on the addictive personality. Is one of the best reviewed, most beloved memoirs of the year. Senate for 18 years and was the 1972 Democratic candidate for president. Rarely has a public figure addressed such difficult, intimate issues with such courage and bravery. In a moving, passionate memoir, former Senator George McGovern recalls the events leading up to his daughter Terry’s death as a result of alcoholism. Takes an intimate Sober Home look into how being over-stressed and overworked can take people down the path of addiction. Like many women, Clare Pooley found the juggle of a stressful career and family life a struggle, so she left her successful career to look after her family…. Many of them, like Caroline Knapp, started in their early teens and began to use alcohol as «liquid armor»…. Craig Beck is a well-regarded family man with two children, a nice home and a successful media career….

She is now a certified addiction specialist possessing a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in public administration. Her focus is on her recovery journey from a street addict to a successful, stable mother of three. This book includes some of Terry’s journal entries outlining her drinking habits and feelings. George’s daughter Terry was found frozen to death in Madison, Wisconsin in December of 1994. Her blood-alcohol level was higher than three times the legal limit. Brown identifies ten“guideposts”in wholehearted people’s lives. This is not a long book, but it does cover how to be happy with ourselves. I believe this is an excellent read for any recovering addict. It can help change how we all feel about the expectations placed on us. We are all important and are put on this earth for a specific reason.

books about alcohol recovery

A trained therapist or psychologist can help find the right treatment plan for you or a loved one with consideration and compassion. Find a therapist in a directory is a good place to start when choosing a therapist. Grace would know – she was a high-functioning alcoholic who drank heavily every night while working as the president of a multinational company. Now, she uses her experience to help others gain back control of their lives. For those looking to connect with God as part of the recovery, Richard Rohn shares his insights on surrendering to God while also discussing how addicts can feel broken in all areas of their lives.

While this book does not discuss biochemical repair, it can be extremely liberating to realize that you can shed the “diseased” label and move on with your life. This view is not accepted by most mainstream recovery programs, but Dr. Lewis makes a compelling case that these institutions have lagged behind the times . I do not agree with everything in this book; Carr seems to downplay the biochemical aspects of addiction, and he strangely denies the existence of alcohol withdrawal. However, if you’re past acute alcohol withdrawal and you want to obliterate your psychological attachment to alcohol, this book can help you do it. Our staff are highly trained with dual mental health and substance use licensing. Our medical staff includes an ASAM certified addiction psychiatrist & an addiction-trained primary care physician. That bottle of merlot was all Kerry Cohen could think about as she worked through her day. She always completed whatever was on the to-do list but always with this reward on top of her mind.

Among them, literature supporting recovery from alcohol abuse, often referred to as “quit lit,” is a popular choice for informative support within the recovery community. Annie’s book is so important (and she’s a wonderful human to boot). She brilliantly weaves psychological, neurological, cultural, social and industry factors with her own journey. Without scare tactics, pain, or rules, she offers a strategy to give you freedom from alcohol. By addressing causes rather than symptoms, it is framed as a permanent solution rather than lifetime struggle. It removes the psychological dependence; allowing you to easily drink less . Twelve-step programs are popular for a reason – for many, they work. This book works as a great supplement to a twelve-step program and provides better understanding of the psychotherapy behind the steps. Lawyer and veteran William Porter struggled with alcoholism at various points in his life.

The Laundry List: The ACOA Experience

Members worldwide both to get and stay sober “one day at a time”…. Frank, funny, and always judgment-free, Sober Curiousis a bold guide to choosing to live hangover-free, from Ruby Warrington, one of the leading voices of the new sobriety movement…. As a child, Helaina Hovitz was a very close witness to the attack to the World Trade Center on 9/11. These events leave her with a serious case of PTSD that in turn throw her into despair and later lands her into addiction. This a different memoir because it focuses not on the road to sobriety, but on what happens with your life now that you’ve done the thing that once seemed impossible. In this dark but incredibly comedic memoir, Smith tells all about her story and the road she finally took towards recovery from her perpetual numbing. She’s just someone who uses alcohol to muster up courage, and well, survive life. This is just how it has always been since her introduction to Southern Comfort when she was just fourteen. Dr. Roy took the time to talk to us about harm reduction, the effectiveness of addiction medications, and the inspiring resilience she sees in her patients.

Both spent time in 12-step programs and outpatient facilities, and both have their own takes on what makes recovery work. Iranian American novelist Porochista Khakpour’s elegant, vibrant memoir is primarily about being sick and trying to find answers. But it also details her journey with addiction to the pills prescribed to treat her insomnia and her struggles with mental health. In this memoir, Vargas recounts the childhood that led to her anxiety and panic and how alcohol gave her a release from her painful reality.

Why do I always want to improve myself?

It's natural to want to keep up with our peers, to feel productive in our daily lives, and to live in a meaningful way with others. However, the fear of not being or doing these things can create an overwhelming urge to continually seek improvement.

The book provides practical skills to change the self-sabotaging way a person thinks using four actionable steps. Drop the Rock digs deeper into steps six and seven of the twelve-step program. The authors describe anger, fear, intolerance, and self-pity as the“rocks”that can sink the recovery process. Setting boundaries is healthy for the family member as well as the addict. I strongly recommend reading this book if you believe you are in a codependent relationship. Is a New York Times Best Seller that takes a humorous approach to discuss the complexities of forging a new identity after active addiction. Hepola sheds light on blacking out and how doing that allowed her to bury feelings that she wanted to bury. Now that she is sober, she is working through those feelings and shares her journey in this compelling memoir.

Díaz’s resilience – and success – in the face of mighty obstacles registers as part luck, part strength, and part audacity. Sethe is haunted, literally and figuratively, by the daughter she killed while escaping slavery in this devastating Pulitzer Prize-winning classic. This is a book about the abject horror and howling trauma of slavery, but it’s also about how we metabolise the nightmares of our lives before. A relationship is, among other things, a shared story – or sometimes, a mutually held delusion. The book serves as a powerful corrective to the fallacy that queer relationships are by nature egalitarian. And the reader roots for Machado fiercely as she finds her way out.

  • And I promise you, you’ll have the best life that you could ever have imagined.
  • Books such as this one do not deny the utility of prescription medications for patients who need them.
  • It is the real deal and Cat is a talented writer, but most of all a survivor.
  • Ultimately, Alcohol Explained helps you understand your relationship with alcohol consumption and why so many continue to drink despite wishes to quit.
  • Here, Grace encourages readers to consider a life beyond drinking, where they live presently and without strong cravings or compulsions.

You would not treat other diseases the same way you treat a substance use disorder. One of the many differences is that family and friends of loved ones suffering other diseases do not have to set boundaries, consequences, and accountability for the patient to seek help. People with diseases other than addiction often fight for the cure and the solution. Substance users do the opposite; they manipulate and break people down as they battle to stay sick. This Naked Mind,” a guide for people with alcoholism to discover what makes them happy without the bottle. The book is very well-researched, analyzes just how alcoholism happens, and dissects the relationship between drinking and pleasure. Grace assures readers recovery is more than a difficult process — it’s a path to happiness. A number of practical exercises address a variety of common issues faced by couples in recovery to help improve romantic relationships by rebuilding trust and intimacy. The son of a southern Baptist preacher, Peterson shares his story of addiction and recovery.

Eco Sober House

The accommodations, food and amenities are better than even the best hotel. And most of all, the recovery program is powerful, educational, thorough, and thoughtfully designed. A lot of recovery memoirs end when the writer gets sober, leading us to wonder, “What happened next? ” British writer Catherine Gray tells us, and the good news is that what happened next for her was pretty amazing. When Cupcake Brown was 11, her mother choked to death during a seizure. The young girl ended up in the foster care system, where she was physically and sexually abused. She soon became involved in alcohol and drugs and was being sexually exploited in order to get money to survive. There are certain jobs that are simply more difficult; being an Emergency Room physician is certainly one of them. This may be why so many ER doctors get burned out or deal with addiction issues.

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